There are currently over 30,000 children benefiting from the programme across the country. However we want to reach every child, in every school, in the UK because every child has the right to be free from fear. Every child should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams. And every child should believe in themselves. The Dot Com Children’s Foundation was founded in December 2013 with a simple goal: to reach every child in the United Kingdom.

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What are we providing?

Dot Com Children’s Foundation CEO, Sharon Evans, explains in an interview in the Manchester studio at BBC Breakfast News June 2015

Dot Com Children’s Foundation helps children develop the knowledge and confidence they need to make good decisions in life, especially about their own safety. We are committed to empowering children. We are dedicated to building children’s self-worth and values to ensure they reach their full potential.

From child sexual abuse to gang culture to online safety, children can be exposed to many different risks every single day. It is impossible for parents and teachers to be with children all the time: they must have the means to protect themselves.

Our programme is a universal safeguarding tool. It is taught in schools using high quality Dot journals to help every child realise their potential. The journals also help highlight children who need more targeted intervention. With the support of the Home Office, we work in collaboration with teachers, parents and the Police to tackle the structural problems that can have far reaching effect on whole families and communities.

The Value Versus Violence Education Programme has been developed to provide children with an awareness of risk and risk management and is supported by the Home Office. The programme is intended to be a continuing journey throughout childhood, beginning from when the children are 5 years old, and continuing into their teenage years. The lessons cover the most difficult and sensitive issues that face children and give pupils the skills to know how to ask for help.

The primary school children are given age compatible journals to work through in class, usually with their teacher but sometimes with input from partnership agencies. Each journal is accompanied by a guide for the teacher or lesson provider. The secondary school education package is accessible on line and entirely free of charge at www.vvvuk.com.

Two children on average in EVERY primary school class has suffered abuse and neglect, most cases go undetected.

In 2012/2013 23,000 sexual offences were RECORDED against children – How many were NOT recorded?

Once the children have absorbed the lessons they can, not only recognise risk to themselves but have an awareness and be able to identify other children who maybe at risk. Knowledge gives children confidence and a confident child can make choices. Those choices will help to keep them safe, the children are taught who they can trust to help them and to not be afraid to ask for help. This programme promotes a strong sense of self worth and good values which hasresulted in a positive effect on children’s lives.

See how the VVV programme works in the West Midlands. In the Birmingham area, schools using the Dot Com Values Programme have strong links with their PCSOs, who help to deliver lessons appropriate to their role. This also encourages stronger links between the police, schools and the communities.