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In 2014, the Dot Com Programme for primary schools and the Values Versus Violence secondary programme have accessed more children than ever before. And this has not gone unnoticed by important authorities in the UK.

The Home Office 

Both programmes are now recommended resources in the Government’s guidance for safeguarding responsibilities with regards to Female Genital Mutilation in the UK. This was published by the Home Office in July 2014. Under Section 5, subsection ‘Schools’, the Dot Com Primary and Values Versus Violence Secondary programmes are named as recommended resources for teachers, to fulfil their responsibilities in schools to safeguard children against FGM. There is often a high concern in schools that young girls are at risk of having the procedure (which is illegal in this country) during school holidays and many will not know that this is to happen to them before the event itself. However, schools can encourage children to talk about risk, feeling unsafe and can help them to understand who they can talk to. Our programme does exactly this.

You can view the government’s official resource document here.

Our film about FGM can be viewed on our Values Versus Violence website here.

N.B Our journals now carry the Home Office Logo as a government approved resource. 

FGM prevention charity Forward had the following to say:

‘Teachers are amongst the best placed frontline professionals to not only aid the prevention of FGM, but also provide support for girls who have undergone the procedure. Due to the proximity of teachers to students, they are able to identify early signs of abuse including FGM.’

Source: http://www.forwarduk.org.uk/624/ (2013)

Oxfordshire County Council

In November 2014, Oxfordshire County Council issued a response to a report published by OFSTED about how schools can safeguard against Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). In this response they noted that their implementation of the Dot Com resources is a measure already in place according to OFSTED’s recommendations.

‘Oxfordshire has invested heavily in preventative work with children and young people and that work is targeted at both potential victims and potential perpetrators… Primary Schools in the City area have been piloting a programme called Values Versus Violence which has been very well received and which provides a safe way of introducing awareness of the issues behind CSE to younger children.’

Source: https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/news/2014/nov/oxfordshire-welcomes-national-ofsted-report-child-sexual-exploitation (2014)