Dot Com in Oxford

How the Values Versus Violence Programme works in Oxford

The Dot Com Programme has been piloted in Oxford City as part of a partnership between Thames Valley Police, Oxfordshire County Council Safeguarding Board and Dot Com Children’s Foundation. This was in response to Operation Bullfinch, which saw the city’s police uncover a large ring of child sex offenders. All of the partners wanted to find a way to help children to understand and manage risk, and become more resilient to grooming by dangerous adults. The pilot has taken place over 2014, and in December 2014 local press came to see how the programme was working

The Values Versus Violence education programme aims to encourage positive values in children, and helps to guide their decision making throughout their lives. Using journals and the characters within the programme, children learn about safety, bullying, feelings, the emergency services, choices, values, religion, their body’s early warning signs and more. The journals become a tool for PSHE education, the building of a set of personal values, crime prevention and safe expression of thoughts and feelings.

The programme is endorsed by the Home Office, OFSTED and the Association of Chief Police Officers.

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