Dot’s Mission

The Dot Com Values programme is supported by the Home Office; Crime Prevention Minister Norman Baker

“I am pleased to support the Values Versus Violence programme. This important scheme encourages early intervention to prevent violence and benefits schools, pupils and parents.”

What is Dot’s Mission?


  • The programme gives children the tools to cope with risky situations.
  • It help  children learn how to value themselves and others and make safer choices in their lives.
  • Helps to bring together the local community: from teachers and PCSOs to parents and role models.

Dwynwen Stepien Head of Early Intervention and Families said: “This programme is a universal safeguarding tool which helps every child, but particularly highlights those children who need more targeted support.” 2014


Why do we need a Dot Values programme to help children in the UK?

  • An average of two children in every primary school classroom has suffered from abuse or neglect and the majority of cases go undetected.
  • Almost 1 million children in Britain are affected by Domestic Violence and are either physically abused or forced to watch or listen to violence against loved ones.
  • One third of all children live in poverty, that’s 3.5 million children and 1.6 million live in severe poverty.

Dot helps children learn ‘self-value’

  • Dot teaches children that she is special and they are special and unique too
  • A sense of self worth / valuing yourself creates resilience in children to grooming
  • Children who value themselves delay gratification

How do we meet that need?

The Dot Com Journals cover a range of Home Office prevention strategies and are Home Office funded. The resources which include the journals and teacher guides have recently been updated to include the ‘protective behaviours’ process.

  • Child abuse / self harm
  • Domestic violence
  • Terrorism
  • Female genital mutilation
  • Gangs
  • Guns / knives


A Home Office funded programme with national standards delivered locally

The Values Versus Violence programme has been developed over the last 10 years with civil servants from the Home Office and DFE working alongside teachers, police officers and local charities. It is evaluated by the Home Office, DFE and ROSPA and currently being locally delivered to protect children in the following areas:

•    Croydon Council prevention of Domestic Violence (10,000 children)

•   Birmingham Community Safety Partnership prevention strategy for Ending Gang and Youth Violence (7,000 children)

•   Oxford prevention strategy to protect children from Child Sexual Exploitation Thames Valley Police and Oxford Safeguarding Children Board (3,000 children)

•   Essex Prevention of Terrorism Essex Police ( 600 children)


29th January 2014

What the children said in a presentation to and audience of police and teachers

Dot has taught us that we can stand up to bullying and that we don’t need to be afraid. Throughout doing the pack it has had a massive impact on us, teaching us new things about our personal life.

 It has taught us about: 

• Peer pressure – Doing something bad for someone

• Family issues & Importance of family life things in a family can’t always go right, if you are too scared, embarrassed to tell them something.

 • Values – what we like and value.

• Different types of bullying – teaching us it isn’t just physical that harms people.

• Doing the right thing – doing something if it involves harming someone or doing something against the law.

• Emergency services-the importance of them. Law & Crimes shouldn’t be involved in any sort of crime.

• Weapons – teaching us we don’t need to own one to be cool and the negatives of them.

• Anger and negative behaviour – don’t  let it bring you down and do not retaliate.

• Listening to your inner voice – making the right decision if you are in an awkward position.