Home Office & PHSE recommended resource

The Home Office has supported the Dot Com Values programme since 2104. The resource is also recommended by the PHSE association.

Former Crime Prevention Minister Norman Baker

“I am pleased to support the Values Versus Violence programme. This important scheme encourages early intervention to prevent violence and benefits schools, pupils and parents.”

1st July 2014


Dear Dot,
We have enjoyed working in our Miss Dot books with Mrs J.
We have learned lots about keeping safe, what to do if we witness a
crime, who we can trust and share our feelings with. From the start to
the end of our books we have had fun.
Thank you
from year 3




 3.5 million children live in poverty in the UK and 1 million children live with the effects of domestic violence which seriously affects their life chances. The Dot Com Children’s Foundation has an education programme which gives every child the tools to help them manage risks in life and learn how to reach their potential. The charity’s first dinner is to raise funds to bring the education programme to children in the poorest and most deprived communities across London. The Values Versus violence programme gives children their own personal journals which help them understand risky behaviour and help them develop the skills to make safer choices. Children who feel safe and value themselves stand a greater chance of success.